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Jan 7, 2017

My story by Cindy Lee Travis Stuebner


Cindy kindley gave me permission this story she sent us......




I would love to drive my car along Route 66 from NY to Cali.. We did trip in Feb and March in 2016, and stayed at motels driving in a 2014 Explorer, and again in July/August 2016... Pulling a camper and staying in great parks cross country.. I believe my car could do it, and if I could be reassured I'd be willing to do motels again.. There's so much more that we want to see.. We never really mapped out a agenda we just pulled over, stopped and slept when we were ready to rest.. The wonderful people we met, the stories they shared, the histories of places and buildings .. People, men, woman, black, white, Hispanic , Native American.. We met so many, ( Mark ) the tow truck driver from Arkansas , exit 52 off # 40, Changed flat on camper, ( Mercedes ) a lady working at a Walmart not far from the exit. She did so much trying to help us locate a extra tire.. She wasn't even supposed to be working that day, she was filling in.. I am still convinced she was a angel that reached out to us.. It was a rough day and she was there to talk, she pulled her own phone out and kept calling until she was able to locate and secure a spare .. Unfortunately the areas around there had at least 6 Walmart stores and I can't place its location.. I called a couple walmarts but no one can place ( Mercedes) I wanted to thank her.. So anyway back to our... ( hopefully ) very soon! Journey on Route 66 again.. Anyone have any special hideaways or places we could see.. ? We love venturing out to old places, open or closed.. We stopped at Fort Courage every time , both ways.. I remember stopping there in ( 1975 ) and eating at the pancake house.. I have pictures of myself in the tower.. The wooden uniformed Army guard is still standing and looking out.. But it's closed and fenced in parts.. I want to explore more.. The trip in 1975 was made in a 1964 Chevy .. Oh well, again, long winded me.. 40 plus years married, 9 children 16 grandchildren and a new one in April.. I am,( we are )ready to hit the road again, slow easy and excited about more exploration... I look forward to that giant Dream Catcher, the Jack Rabbit sign, the Dinosaurs , petrified wood, the Cadillacs in a corn field, and in ( panhandle ) there's a place with old coupes facing up, a old motel and abandoned gas station.. Two Guns, abandoned mountain lions and bridges, the Corner in Winslow, Grand Canyon by train from Williams.. Did I mention the handmade sign ( Bates Motel ) the old dog tied to a truck bumper at a reservation pit stop where we stopped and bought 8 bottles of Soda with Route 66 on bottle and a picture of a Route 66 land site and story on the back of it!! And Route 66 on bottle cap.. We gave the old watch dog a treat.. Above us a beautiful site mountains and Rock formations, Tee Pees, dear, buffalo, some lit up.. Old bridges, a distinguished and old ( Route 66 ) painted on the road, that brown grayish gravel type sturdy black topped road.. Does anyone else notice how the road seems to have a glittery look to it? Especially at 115 degrees summer driving day.. I want to put together a big book of memories, The trips we made were so awe inspiring .. Give me a sandwich and soda at a pull off along Route 66, and I could linger for hours.. Yup!! Heading no where special because really the ( special ) was just there.. In every step or place. Every missed turn, ended up being another opportunity to explore.. One more amazing person, we accidentally met.. We stopped in Erich Oklahoma in Feb.. To see Roger Millers Museum , across the street was a great eye catching building, signs galore, well when we stopped again in August the Roger Miller museum was closed, our son was shooting pictures, we heard a hearty greeting and we were welcomed into town.. ( Red Neck Capital ) by Harley!! He sang for us and talked of his beautiful wife , Annabelle , now a angel who left behind a grieving soul.. But Harley lit our life's up and what a pleasure it was to meet him!! God Bless you Harley.. Thank You for sharing your time.. WELL MY! I've really gone off track. OK anyway it would be nice to travel in one of our older cars across Route 66, Maybe we'll pass by your way.. Happy Trails to all!! I'll be posting some memories of the last adventures and also new ones as we create them..Can't wait to jump in the Blue Hole again.. If not one of these maybe the 65 Dodge polara..

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